Mercury FourStroke Outboard 9.9hp Command Thrust F9.9 CT


Mercury FourStroke Outboard 9.9hp Command Thrust F9.9 CT

Mercury’s 8-9.9hp FourStrokes are still the lightest in their class, but being lightweight doesn’t mean cutting corners. Our 8-9.9hp
FourStrokes features a convenient multifunction tiller handle that provides easy one-hand shifting operation. Furthermore, these
outboards come equipped with our exclusive automatic reverse hooks that don’t require you to change a clumsy lever manually to
hold the engine in place while reversing.
Thanks to the Mercury multifunction tiller handle, standard on 8-9.9hp tiller handle FourStroke models, you have the boat control
needed to fish all day with ease. This revolutionary, all-in-one handle design delivers one-handed operation for shifting, stopping,
throttle control, tilting and steering. Giving you unrivaled manoeuvrability and making your time on the water easier and more
The 8-9.9hp Mercury FourStrokes feature an ingenious design that allows the boater to use the longer, sturdy tiller handle to gain
leverage on the outboard and engage our exclusive 3-position ratcheting trim system. By pushing down on the tiller handle you can
set the trim position. Simply, easily, every time.


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