Mercury Avator

Experience a new way to Go Boldly with Mercury® Avator™ electric outboards. Calm, quiet and smooth, with intuitive controls and advanced technologies that monitor your battery level and range, an Avator outboard lets you fully immerse yourself in nature, while exploring the water with confidence.

Reliable, efficient power
Industry-first transverse flux motor technology generates high torque with little effort, maximising battery life to extend your range while providing quick acceleration and efficient performance.

Advanced battery technology
Engineered exclusively for marine duty, Avator lithium-ion batteries are safe, efficient 48V power sources that keep your adventures moving. Modular and portable designs let you bring along the power you need.

Smart charging
Avator smart chargers have you covered. They constantly monitor voltage and current to deliver a safe, effective charge on a standard household outlet. We are also offering the option to upgrade to a faster charger, so you can choose a charge time that meets your needs.

Intelligent displays
Vivid full-colour displays provide all the information you need to enjoy your boating adventures, including range estimates and an up-to-the-second battery life meter that let you explore with confidence. They are optimised for easy viewing in all light conditions.

Mercury Marine app
Make the most of any journey with the SmartCraft® Connect module, available as an accessory for the 7.5e outboard. It provides access to all the features of the new Mercury Marine app, including a GPS map with visualised range estimates, digital gauges and more.

High-efficiency prop
The hydrodynamic lower unit and durable, ultra-efficient prop were made to move. They effortlessly carve through the water, maximising runtime for maximum fun.

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