Outboard 30hp F3 Mercury Fourstroke Engine


Outboard 30hp F3 Mercury Fourstroke Engine

Dependable starts and performance  When the battery on an ordinary engine is drained, you have nowhere to go. Not so with a Mercury 25-30hp FourStroke. Every
engine in the horsepower range comes standard with a manual recoil starter. So even if the battery quits, you can take matters into
your own hands and keep your boating trip going.
Battery-free Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) on Mercury 25-30hp FourStroke models delivers consistently easy starting, crisp throttle
response, increased fuel economy and outstanding overall performance.
Step up to a 30 high output. 30hp exclusive.
Nothing moves a big load better than a 747cc displacement powerhead producing more thrust to power heavier loads, from a heavy
boat to a large aluminium or fibreglass fishing boat, the Mercury 30HO delivers the control, thrust and low speed control to make
your boating experience as best as you can imagine.

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