Ikaros Distress Flare Packs – NOW IN STOCK – collection from store only.


Ikaros Distress Flare Packs - instore collection only.

Each Ikaros flare pack contain a mix of flares suitable for different requirements from inshore to ocean sailing and packs for regulation sailing. Using the correct Visual Distress Signal will clearly indicate your situation to others and will greatly improve safety and rescue times.

Included in the packs are some or all of the following; Red Hand Held flares for short range distress signalling, Orange Hand Smoke flares for daylight distress and wind direction signalling, Red Parachute Rocket flares for long range distress signalling and White Hand Held flares which are not distress flares but are used to attract other vessels attention to what is potentially a collision course. The white hand held flares are also useful for illumination in a man-over-board situation at night.

The Ikaros coastal Flare Pack is designed for use in emergency situations up to 10 miles from land. It is packed in a slim, watertight and easy to stow plastic bottle.

Coastal flare pack

  • Watertight plastic container
  • 2 x red hand held flares
  • 2 x orange smoke hand held flares
  • 2 x red parachute rockets

Inshore Flare Pack

  • 2 Red Handlfares
  • 2 Orange Handsmokes
  • Polybottle with screw lid


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